Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake 2018

Christmas Escape Room with our Littles
Christmas Escape Room with our Littles

Turkeyless Terribowlers

From Devin, Bill, Alex, Tayler, Annie, and Corey we want to THANK YOU for visiting our Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake team page!

The four of us are big supporters of Big Brothers Big Sisters KC and are really excited to be participating in Bowl for Kids' Sake this year. Not only are we supporters, we also believe greatly in the program itself. Devin and Bill are both matched to Taiden and Alex is matched with Owen. We've both been matched about a year and really love it.

Getting a match like we have isn't cheap. There are over 500 littles waiting to be matched in the KC Metro and each match costs around $1,000. This event is one of the largest fundraisers and any contribution you can make, will help match littles Like Owen and Taiden with Bigs like Alex, Devin and Bill.

We hope you make a donation to our team.
We are working together to reach our team fundraising goal so that more children will achieve success in life. Proceeds from this event will go towards matching children, right here in Kansas City with a Big Brother, Big Sister or Big Couple. Your donation helps develop more high school and college grads and community leaders; together we can make a difference.
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